What is the appeal of Software as a Service?

For me and our company, Envisage, one of the many benefits we realised by using Software as a Service (Saas) was when we moved from Groupwise to Google for Business and we no longer required the services of a dedicated IT person.

At that time we were part of a global organisation and were trying to keep costs low by having one dedicated IT person for the whole organisation. By moving to Google for Business meant that there was no longer a requirement for that role and therefore the appeal was we able to save the company a lot of money.

It now also wasn’t so difficult to see how we would recoup the costs back to head-office, as each branch could easily pay for the own Google account.

So before, someone in our organisation had to look after and maintain the software, they needed to be an administrative expert on the product and make sure the whole system, including hardware, was up and running. Now Google takes care of it all and gives us a simple and easy to use frontend. And for an organisation like ours, with few permanent employees, this makes perfect sense. Google can leverage the economies and scale and we can rely on them to make sure the environment runs reliably.

So, what are the benefits of SaaS?

  1.  No physical hardware to host.
    1. This includes not needing to physically secure the hardware
    1. Not needing an airconditioned space
    1. Not having to upgrade the hardware when it gets too small or goes out of support
    1. Not having any maintenance when something stops working like, for example, a power supply blows.
    1. Not needing backup power for when load-shedding hits
    1. Never mind the initial cost outlay of the hardware

Sounds good so far…

  • No Operating System to maintain
    • No OS licenses to buy
    • No OS security to manage
    • No patching to do

And then…

  • If the software is complex
    • No expensive admin resource to manage the software
    • No training to keep them up to date with the latest versions
    • No risk of having to have a “jack of all trades” managing all your key software

And to top it all…

  •  If you supplier is not delivering you stop using them and move on to someone else, because licenses are on a prescription basis

SaaS allows you to outsource it all and make it someone else’s responsibility and you can hold them accountable for it.  You pay a single license to the SaaS provider and they have to take care of all the underlying licenses, configuration and maintenance involved.

Another example is the SaaS solution that we sell.  It is called Envisage IT.  Why?  Because it helps you to envisage what is going on in your IT environment.  It is IT monitoring and management software.  It is based on IBM software that is quite expensive for small companies to buy, host and run.  It needs a lot of software and the skills to get the software working perfectly are quite rare in South Africa.

So, we apply the economies of scale and allow a few smaller customers to share the same environment.  We take the utmost care that the environments are segregated and one customer doesn’t accidentally get to see the data of another.  We have an easy-to-use front end and cleverly crafted dashboards to help you see and manage your IT estate without having to worry about how the management software is working.  In the backend, we make sure all is running smoothly, make sure it is patched and secure and we continually improve on the features to make it a better experience for you.

To find out more, please watch our video at https://youtu.be/P8yDyZ0ANBA

If you are interested in a chat about Envisage IT or even a demo, please contact me on 084 424 7448 or bsmythe@envisage.email.