Envisage is an IBM Business Partner, so the
IBM products sit at the heart of all we do.

The main product group that we focus on is IBM’s Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps.  This  product group includes IT Operations software and AI that makes the operations run more efficiently.

Below are a few ways in which this helps you:

A central dashboard of what is going on in your IT environment

AI is used to identify a probable cause and to reduce errors

Downtime is reduced in applications and IT networks

Management across on-premise and cloud environments

Observability: Understanding the health and performance of your applications

Governance and compliance by setting policies and having automatic remediation actions

Efficiency and cost management of Cloud platforms

Resolve outages quickly and use automations to avoid them

Avoid application incidents using all IT data sources

Extend and enhance your team with automation

In the Cloud or On Your Premises?

The IBM Software can be installed on your premises or in a cloud environment or even partially onsite and partially in the cloud. Whatever you choose, the environment that is managed can be in either environment, e.g. routers in your head office, applications running in containers on AWS and databases running in virtualised environments.


Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps includes licenses to install the software on Red Hat Openshift. If you prefer to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, most of the functionality is available on that platform too. We must warn you, though, that the current development is being done on Openshift, so that is where the best functionality will be.


If you already have a cloud provider, like AWS, Azure or IBM Cloud, we can install on there for you or we can include the IBM Cloud costs in our solution.

Envisage IT - where we look after all the admin for you

Envisage IT allows you, our customers, to envisage what is going on in your IT environment. 


It is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, so you can log in on a browser and are able to see, visually, where the problems are in your IT environment.  From there you can then troubleshoot the issues and work on resolving them.


This data is then displayed on dashboards and views suitable to you, that highlight where the problems are. 

AI and analytics are applied to the data to do event reduction and proactive remediation of issues.


In the backend, Envisage does all the configuration and admin, including the integration to your environment, which enables the collection of events and data on how the environment is doing. Envisage ensures that the software is continuously up and running and on the latest versions.


To find out more please contact us for a presentation and demonstration.