Envisage IT - where we look after all the admin for you

Envisage IT allows you, our customers, to envisage what is going on in your IT environment. 


It is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, so you can log in on a browser and are able to see, visually, where the problems are in your IT environment.  From there you can then troubleshoot the issues and work on resolving them.


This data is then displayed on dashboards and views suitable to you, that highlight where the problems are. 

AI and analytics are applied to the data to do event reduction and proactive remediation of issues.


In the backend, Envisage does all the configuration and admin, including the integration to your environment, which enables the collection of events and data on how the environment is doing. Envisage ensures that the software is continuously up and running and on the latest versions.


To find out more please contact us for a presentation and demonstration.

Two versions to meet all requirements

There are two versions of Envisage IT,  a Core version and an Advanced version
The pricing and functionality of the two differ.

Core Version

The Core Version offers you Event and Alert management, including consolidating events from various sources into a single screen. Events get grouped and you only get notified once for the whole group. You have access to a dashboard to see an overview of your environment and also an event list to see the details of what is going on.

Advanced Version

The Advanced Version includes all the Core Version offers as well as the following additional features: Artificial Intelligence (AI) included that does further event reduction. Reporting on historical data that you can have emailed to you daily or weekly. Some automation is included in the form of Runbooks, that can be populated with routine and repetitive tasks.

How to get started

Contact Envisage on Info@envisage.email or on the Contact Us screen, requesting us to engage with you.


We will then set up a call with you to:

Find out your requirements and how big your environment is. A quote is generated based on this information.

Find out who your administrator is, so that we can create a user for them in our front-end GUI. The admin will then be able to add other users or they can register themselves, which the admin then approves.

We talk to you about what integrations you require and set up a plan to perform the integrations.

The Envisage team then engages with you to perform the integrations

Training on using the front-end is also provided

Once you are up and running

Envisage supports the software and infrastructure and ensures that everything is stable and up and running.

Should you have any problems, please log a support call through a Service Request in the GUI. We will respond within 2 hours.

Any enhancement requests can also be submitted through the Service Request GUI.

Envisage will also keep track of your license usage and alert you if you have exceeded your contracted amount to find out how you would like to proceed.

Envisage will send you your invoices. These need to be paid in advance, either monthly or annually, depending on your agreement.

Should you wish to upgrade your services:

Please log a Service Request and we will set up a call with you to discuss your new requirements.