NOI 1.6 has many great new features

In June 2019, IBM released a new version of Netcool Operations Insight (NOI), version 1.6. There are a lot more features (at no additional cost) in this version.

The new version has a few significant changes from NOI 1.5. These relate to the new Event Analytics and the incorporation of Cloud Event Management.

NOI 1.6 has a newly designed Event Analytics component. In previous versions of NOI, Related Events and Seasonality worked through Impact and created a bottleneck within the Impact Server.  In NOI 1.6 this functionality has been moved to outside of the legacy Netcool products (Impact and Historical database) and a whole new container-based solution has been created, which is much faster and more efficient. The GUI has also been updated and it is now much easier to get an overview of which events are seasonal, and have time- or scope-related correlation.  

Users are now provided with far better visibility on how the AI works within the correlation, giving organizations the transparent view of the environment so that they can control workflows and streamline reviews.

The inclusion of Cloud Event Management adds the following to NOI;

  1. Simplified Cloud event integrations Ingestion of events from systems such as AWS and Azure
  2. Runbooks You can use runbooks to improve efficiency by capturing knowledge of similar incidents over time, and building guidance and automation for resolving them. Runbooks provide structured manual and automated steps to help solve the underlying problems that are described in the incidents, so you can restore service quickly.
  3. Event Notification Simplified notification can happen via email and SMS
  4. Collaboration space Users can collaborate easily on the events that they are working on, through an intuitive GUI

These new components are installed on Red Hat Openshift. In fact all of NOI 1.6 can be installed on Openshift or a hybrid approach can be taken, where only these new features are installed on Openshift and the rest on more traditional environments. The hybrid approach is a good one for existing customers upgrading to the latest version, but not wanting to redeploy everything onto Openshift.

If you’d like to find out more about NOI 1.6, please write a comment below, send me a direct message or email me on