Looking for an Intuitive Event Management Solution on SaaS?

IBM Cloud Event Management (or CEM for short) provides real-time incident management for your services, applications and infrastructure. It can quickly and easily manage your cloud environments too.

It is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Which is great because it is very quick to get started. If you would like it installed on premise, we can provide that too.

My favourite part about CEM is the licensing. No more trying to count how many servers you have or how many end-devices. CEM is licensed by event consumption. This is truly practical in a Cloud environment where virtualised components are being created and removed dynamically and constantly.

 Cloud Event Management can receive events from various monitoring sources, either on premise or in the cloud. If there is a problem in your monitored environment, it can let you know via email, SMS or through an app!

 When it comes to integration, you can configure the tools and systems from which you’d like to receive events. Some default event sources are: Amazon Web Services, Datadog, Jenkins, Dynatrace, Microsoft Azure, SolarWinds and Nagios.  There are about 30 default event sources (and this list is regularly being updated) and webhooks, which can be used for other integrations.

 If you would like us to do a demo and presentation of CEM to you, please contact us.