4 things to do with the time you saved by bringing AI into IT Operations

Imagine you have implemented a tool such as IBM Watson AIOps in your IT Operations environment and now you don’t have to spend all day looking at events scrolling by on a screen.

You can now:

  1.  Look at the Analytics presented by Watson AIOps that lets you know what events occur with seasonal regularity.  Perhaps it is something there is a spike on server load every Friday afternoon and you can investigate why this is, solve the problem.  This and other seasonal problems will now no longer crowd you system.
  2. Sit with your Subject Matter Experts or 2nd or 3rd layer support and ask them what problems they see appearing regularly, that they know the solutions to.  These can be then added into a Runbook and associated with the event, so that in future 1st layer support can run the solution without having to escalate to 2nd or 3rd layer support.  Over time, once the Runbooks have proven themselves, they can be automated, resulting in problems being resolved without any further human intervention.
  3. Review the daily report you received via email that lists the top nodes (servers, routers, switches, applications) that have been causing errors in the last while.  Do the investigation to understand why these nodes are particularly troublesome and permanently fix them or replace them with new, less faulty components.  This is proactive work that will get rid of that buggy node that keeps causing problems.
  4. Have time to have lunch break with your teammates without worrying that you won’t get your work done.  (Resting assured that you will get an alert sent to you should some urgent event come up while you are away from your screen)

Please watch this video with details about the features of IBM Watson AIOps: https://youtu.be/yt5fidgPudc

To find out more about the features and functionality in IBM Watson AIOps, please contact Birgit Smythe on 084 424 7448 or bsmythe@envisage.email.