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Browse our collection of Envisage Solutions YouTube videos. Made by Envisage Solutions Managing Director, Birgit Smythe, and other members of our staff. You can also view our YouTube channel where you will also be able to subscribe to future updates. We will be posting new videos regularly here in addition to our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Introduction to Envisage – Aadil Khan

Introduction to Envisage Solutions – Birgit Smythe (MD)

DASH “How to…” videos (3 videos)

What is IBM Application Performance Management?

These 3 videos show users to do the following in IBM Netcool
– How to access and log in to DASH.
– How to change the event colouring in the Event List to look like the old Netcool Native Client.
– How to change the time zone and date format in the event list on DASH.

A short video describing what IBM Application Performance Management does.

What is the difference between IBM Monitoring and IBM APM?

What are the differences for SaaS and On-Premise for IBM APM?


A brief video discussing the differences between the 2 IBM products: IBM Monitoring and IBM APM.

IBM offers APM in 2 versions: On-Premise and Software as a Service. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each in this video.

What are the differences between IBM APM, SCAPM and ITCAM?

IBM Netcool for beginners

IBM has 3 product names for products that seem to be the same. Watch the video to see the differences between IBM’s APM, SCAPM and ITCAM.

Ever wondered what IBM Netcool actually does? This video explains it in simple terms using an ADSL problem as an example.

Basic introduction to IBM Netcool

Overview of the IBM Netcool Suite

This is a basic introduction to IBM Netcool and what it does in slightly more technical terms than the previous video.

The video is an introduction to the components within the IBM Netcool Suite and includes the ObjectServers, Impact, TCR and DASH amongst others.

Introduction to IBM Netcool Operations Insight or NOI

More Videos coming soon

This video explains what the new bundle from IBM, Netcool Operations Insight (NOI) includes.